ARTIST PIPELINE DOCS: Vehicle and Prop Creation (using OSG and FLT formats)

Exporter version 2.36

The latest version of the exporter is bundled with Delta3d and can be found in the in the “..\Delta3D\ext\bin\blender_plugins” directory. If you need to get them seperately: Blender OSG Exporter (at the time of this wrinting I've experienced problems when trying to download the files with firefox. They download ok using other options if you need to get them)

1) Install the OSG exporter
    a) Download and Install Delta3d and set your environment variables
    b) Put the “” file in C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\.blender\scripts

2) Build your object…
    a) There are no specific pitfalls I have run into, so I have no warnings to mention.

3) Export
    a) Export using File > Export > OpenSceneGraph.
    b) The OSG exporter will only export OSG format…it will reference your original textures so keep them handy and local.


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